Translation and localisation

The same meaning, the precise terms,
the right tone, the relevant cultural environment

Translation can be –should be– more than turning a text into another language.
The translator’s aim is to provide the same meaning
in the target language in such a way that the translation
is seamlessly integrated into the audience’s cultural and idiomatic background.
This is not always easy and demands more
than a full knowledge of the languages involved;
It requires a empathetic experiential appreciation
of the cultures involved that only life experience can provide.
This multi-cultural sensitivity is especially important
when the subject matter involves the motivational and
personal factors so prevalent in
marketing communications and research.

Areas of specialisation
Creative adaptation of advertising strategies,
concepts and creative work.
Localisation of advertising campaigns.
Advertising, marketing, marketing research,
management consulting, logistics,
SAP R3, change management, Balanced Scorecard,
sailing, ships, navigation,
music, cookery…

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