I was born in England where I studied marketing communications.
On arriving at Barcelona during the period of “transition”
I began to help some of the more forward looking companies
to understand and make themselves understood in the fast growing European market.

After a short time I joined the multi-national advertising agency
Alliance International, where I was responsible for the
integrated communications strategies of international clients
established in Spain, as well as enjoying the opportunity of
working with some of the most exciting national brands.
I worked with the agency’s clients in Barcelona, Madrid,
London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt, Milan and Amsterdam
on national, European and international campaigns.

After this I have enjoyed applying my experience in creating,
planning and executing marketing and communications activities
in English, Castilian and Catalan for clients ranging from
local entrepreneurs to multinational industrial corporations.

After a period working with Accenture and on completing
my post-graduate studies in Classical Tibetan in the
Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona,
I have returned to my first love, creative communications strategies.

I also enjoy playing guitar, above all, old acoustic blues
and I have made several recordings with Catalan
and North American artists as well as performed in Catalunya and Madrid.

As Patrón de Yate and RYS Coastal Skipper I sail my small but sweet Puma 29
around the Mediterranean and I’m in love with Minorca by land and sea.

Clicking on the “contact” link you can see how to reach me (not surprising really)
you can see my CV here