Advertising and Marketing Communications

Communications strategies

The strategy above all. What to say to whom and how.
Competitive positioning of companies, brands, products and people…
The benefit, the proposal, the promise.
The heart of the matter… (and let’s keep it simple, please)

Creative concepts

Concept above execution, substance over style
and all at the service of the strategy.
Dramatise the simple.
Make the message provocative, illuminating,
funny, empathetic, interesting, suggestive,
aggressive but always clear, convincing and memorable…
Always effective.

Media and production

The right media for the message:
tv, press, print, web, on-line advertising,
viral and advergaming3D…
The most cost-effective and impactive media
for each case with the work adapted and delivered
on time and on budget.

Web 2.0. SEO and SEM

Community management, viral communications,
social networks. Search engine optimisation.
Search Engine Marketing.
Usability studies and improvements.

Marketing research

First understand then draw conclusions.
Sometimes, to work creatively you need in-depth
information or to clear up essential points.
To find the insights that open minds
(ours and the public’s) to new possibilities.
Consumer and motivational studies,
analysis, synthesis and presentation
of research results and strategic recommendations:
Focus groups, in-depth interviews, semiotics,
narratological research, ethnographics,
shopper research, sensorial analysis.

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